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US Powerball Jackpot Back Up to $119 Million

It’s been a month since three lucky winners split the $564.1 million (AUD$736 million!!) US Powerball jackpot on 11 February. Since then, it’s been nothing but rollovers meaning that the US Powerball jackpot is now back to the nine-figure mark. Those nine figures are an estimated $119,000,000 (AUD$155 million) and could rise before tomorrow’s 11 March draw– what a gorgeous number!

Winning Big-Time Cash
The last jackpot was split by three people — in Texas, Puerto Rico, and North Carolina. Their total winnings each were $188 million (approximately AUD$245 million), with the winners in Puerto Rico and North Carolina opting for the cash option of $127 million (AUD$165 million). The winner from Texas remains pending.

Outdo the 1% with US Powerball

luxury powerball jackpotWhat could one do with the AUD$155 million jackpot? For starters, some lucky person could buy the most luxurious house imaginable, since you could buy six of the most expensive homes in Australia sold in 2014 combined with all that cash. The top six houses sold for a combined AUD$150.75 million! Plus you’d have some cash left over for furniture!

The only way to win is to play, so buy your US Powerball lottery tickets online today! Come tomorrow night, you may be swimming in the lap of luxury!

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US Powerball jackpot now AUD$577 million!

Are you ready for a new world lottery jackpot record? We’re still over $200 million short, but the jackpot in the American Powerball lottery has been making steady progress for over two months now, and managed to reach the incredible height of $450 million – that is AUD$577 million! The current US Powerball jackpot isContinue Reading

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US Powerball Winner Crowned in Knoxville Tennessee

On June 11, 2014 at 10:59 PM EST, the winning numbers for the US Powerball were picked. This time, the Powerball did not disappoint as a winner from Knoxville Tennessee was crowned. The jackpot payday was $259 million (AUD$ 275 million) – one of the biggest lottery payouts on record. It has been confirmed byContinue Reading

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Powerball Lotteries Increase as Another Rollover Takes Place

There’s no time like the present to get your Powerball lottery tickets online with no effort at all! Breaking news from the lottery world is that the Powerball lotteries have rolled over, and millions more are up for grabs! The US Powerball reaches $192 million The winning numbers for the May 31st draw of theContinue Reading

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Bigger Jackpots to Play for in the Powerball Lotteries

Powerball Lotteries Rollover – Cash in Online Today! The Powerball lottery is the world’s most popular lottery game. The US Powerball tops the list as the biggest money-spinner of them all. With the lottery jackpot rolling over to an estimated jackpot of $152 million (that’s $89.6 million cash value) this lottery draw is ready toContinue Reading

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US Powerball Jackpot Spikes to $152 Million

Massive Powerball Jackpot Rollovers! The current estimated jackpot for the US Powerball lottery is $152 million. The winning numbers from the May 24th draw were 15–16–28–49–55 and Powerball number 18. There were no Jackpot Winners, and no Match 5 Winners Power Play $2 Million. However, there were 5 Match 5 Winners $1 Million from Florida,Continue Reading

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Lottery Results from the South African Powerball

South African Powerball lottery Draw Rolls Over to R11 million and Aussies are welcome to get their tickets here! The latest SA Powerball lottery results are in and there were plenty of division winners. The winning numbers for the South African Powerball Lottery were: 8–22–25–34–37 and Powerball 5. There were no Division 1 winners forContinue Reading

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Winners Wanted: US Powerball Spikes to $114 Million

The US Powerball is the world’s biggest lottery draw. This jackpot-rich lottery continues to shatter records with winners and massive paydays. The recent draw on May 17th 2014 yielded the following results: 23–32–39–47–49 and Powerball 22. No jackpot winners were crowned – which is good news since the jackpot has rolled over to a whoppingContinue Reading

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UK National Lottery Touts the Benefits of Playing the Lottery Online

In what has been considered a ground-breaking development for the lottery industry, the UK National Lottery has indicated that playing the lottery online is the best way to go. This exciting new development means that players can enjoy total comfort and convenience while playing all their favourite lottery games. The first commercial was recently releasedContinue Reading

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Massive Win in the Australian Powerball Lottery

The Australian Powerball is one of the most-anticipated lottery draws. The Australia Powerball draw from 8th May 2014 yielded the following result: 7–8–13–21–28–34 and Powerball number 4. The AUD$6 million prize was claimed by 1 lucky winner, but there were scores of winners across multiple prize levels. TheLotter reports the following lucky winners in theContinue Reading

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