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US Powerball Jackpot Back Up to $119 Million

It’s been a month since three lucky winners split the $564.1 million (AUD$736 million!!) US Powerball jackpot on 11 February. Since then, it’s been nothing but rollovers meaning that the US Powerball jackpot is now back to the nine-figure mark. Those nine figures are an estimated $119,000,000 (AUD$155 million) and could rise before tomorrow’s 11 March draw– what a gorgeous number!

Winning Big-Time Cash
The last jackpot was split by three people — in Texas, Puerto Rico, and North Carolina. Their total winnings each were $188 million (approximately AUD$245 million), with the winners in Puerto Rico and North Carolina opting for the cash option of $127 million (AUD$165 million). The winner from Texas remains pending.

Outdo the 1% with US Powerball

luxury powerball jackpotWhat could one do with the AUD$155 million jackpot? For starters, some lucky person could buy the most luxurious house imaginable, since you could buy six of the most expensive homes in Australia sold in 2014 combined with all that cash. The top six houses sold for a combined AUD$150.75 million! Plus you’d have some cash left over for furniture!

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US Powerball jackpot now AUD$577 million!

Play US Powerball from Down UnderAre you ready for a new world lottery jackpot record? We’re still over $200 million short, but the jackpot in the American Powerball lottery has been making steady progress for over two months now, and managed to reach the incredible height of $450 million – that is AUD$577 million! The current US Powerball jackpot is expected to grow even more before the upcoming draw on Wednesday, 11 February, because of the massive ticket sales that we’ve seen over the last week. The higher the jackpot will grow, the greater the number of tickets sold for the following draw! Join in the lottery fun and take a shot at winning one of the biggest lottery jackpots of all times!
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3rd largest US Powerball jackpot, 5th largest overall

Although the Powerball is widely considered to be the biggest lottery in the world, it does not hold the record for the highest jackpot ever. As a matter of fact: it’s not even in the top 2! The US Mega Millions lottery, US Powerball’s biggest rival, holds the two top spots on the list of biggest lottery jackpots of all times. The top 5 list looks like this:

  1. US Mega Millions: $656 million (March 2012)
  2. US Mega Millions: $648 million (December 2013)
  3. US Powerball: $591 million (May 2013)
  4. US Powerball: $588 million (November 2012)
  5. US Powerball: $450 million (10 February 2015)

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Are you doing something important? Are you so busy at work you can’t spend a minute or two to buy yourself a ticket for one of the most exhilarating events ever in the lottery world? You can buy your tickets for the next draw in the US Powerball lottery right here at, but you better not wait too long! The draw is tomorrow night at 22:59 CET, at which time us Aussies are already on Thursday afternoon (14:59 AEDT)! With a bit of luck you’ll be drinking a beer as a multimillionaire an hour or two later! OK then, with a whole lotta luck! Obviously, millions and millions of people want to try their luck in this upcoming mega-draw! Remember: without a ticket you definitely won’t win this incredible US Powerball jackpot! So, click those banners and buy your US Powerball tickets now!

US Powerball Winner Crowned in Knoxville Tennessee

play US powerball lottery button

On June 11, 2014 at 10:59 PM EST, the winning numbers for the US Powerball were picked. This time, the Powerball did not disappoint as a winner from Knoxville Tennessee was crowned. The jackpot payday was $259 million (AUD$ 275 million) – one of the biggest lottery payouts on record. It has been confirmed by lottery officials that the winning ticket for the US Powerball was purchased by someone in Knoxville. Additionally, there were 4 tickets that managed to scoop up million dollar prizes for matching 5 numbers without the Powerball.

The winning numbers in the June 11 draw were: 1418253349 and Powerball 23

The million dollar winners hailed from Pennsylvania, New York, Illinois and Massachusetts. In the state of Maryland, 42 people managed to scoop up $100 prizes by matching 4 numbers. Lottery officials have yet to announce which store was responsible for selling the winning ticket, and once it has been made public, that store will receive $100,000. Days may go by until the actual winner comes forward to collect his/her payday.

The US Powerball has now reset and a jackpot of $40 million is up for grabs in the next draw.

South African Powerball Rises to R35 million

Africa’s biggest Powerball lottery – the South African Powerball lottery rolled over once again. On 13 June 2014, the winning numbers were recorded as: 1218212734 and Powerball 10. There were no Division I winners, but there were 9 Division II winners comprising 5 correct numbers on their lottery cards. The payout for each of those nine winners was R120,642 (AUD$ 12,000). There were also 54 Division III winners with 4 correct numbers and the Powerball number on their tickets and these folks collected R14,118 (AUD$ 1,400) apiece.

This is now rollover #12 and the rollover amount for the next draw is R33,482,419 with R2 million added in. That translates into a cool AUD$3.5 million.

Australian Powerball Winner Hits AUD$25 million

Down under, the Aussie Powerball takes place weekly on Thursdays. The latest Powerball results and winning numbers for the Thursday 12th June draw were: 61924293239 and Powerball 7. One lucky winner scooped up an incredible AUD$25 million payday. There were also 29 x Match 6 winners scooping up $19,738 apiece. The next Powerball draw will have AUD$2 million in cash up for grabs. Players are encouraged to get their tickets stat as the Powerball lotteries appear to be paying out thick and fast!

Powerball Lotteries Increase as Another Rollover Takes Place

There’s no time like the present to get your Powerball lottery tickets online with no effort at all! Breaking news from the lottery world is that the Powerball lotteries have rolled over, and millions more are up for grabs!

The US Powerball reaches $192 million

The winning numbers for the May 31st draw of the US Powerball were: 1527313448 and Powerball number 1. There were no Jackpot Winners, no Match 5 Winners Power Play $2 million, but there were Match 5 Winners $1 Million from Florida, Louisiana, Montana, New York, Texas and Wisconsin.

The US Powerball has rolled over to $192 million – that’s $114.8 million in cash value for Aussie players to play for. Down under that’s AU$206 million!

The New Zealand Powerball

In New Zealand, the Powerball is now $26 million. The latest draw resulted in one Division 1 winner with a prize of $2 million. Winners were crowned across all six divisions, with a total lotto prize pool of $4,516,424 being paid out. The winning Lotto numbers in the May 31, 2014 draw were: 72627323435, bonus ball 19 and Powerball number 7.

The South African Powerball

There’s nothing like the South African Powerball to lift your spirits – especially when it rolls over! On Friday the 30th of May 2014 the following Powerball numbers were announced: 35433140 and Powerball number 17. The good news is that no Division 1 winners were crowned – that’s 5 correct numbers and the Powerball. This means that the next SA Powerball draw has R20,793,408 up for grabs – that’s AU$2,106,954!

With that kind of loot you can put plenty of shrimps on the Barbie!

The Australian Powerball

On Thursday, 29 May 2014 the Australian Powerball yielded the following lucky numbers: 21415212232 and Powerball number 15. No match 6+ Powerball winners were crowned – which means that the $10 million prize rolled over. There were however five Match 6 winners with a payout of $60,941 apiece.

So, the good news is that the next Powerball lottery down under will be taking place on Thursday, 5 June with a jackpot of AUD$15 million!

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Bigger Jackpots to Play for in the Powerball Lotteries

Powerball Lotteries Rollover – Cash in Online Today!

play US powerball lottery

The Powerball lottery is the world’s most popular lottery game. The US Powerball tops the list as the biggest money-spinner of them all. With the lottery jackpot rolling over to an estimated jackpot of $152 million (that’s $89.6 million cash value) this lottery draw is ready to pop. The winning numbers from the May 24th Powerball Lottery were 1516284955 and Powerball 18. A x2 PowerPlay was in effect – but no Jackpot Winners were crowned. There were 2 Match 5 Winners of $1M each and 561,807 total winners across all prize divisions. That’s good news for Powerball fans across Australia. You can now play for the Powerball lottery jackpot prize of $152 million – AUD$ 164.52 million – it’s bigger and better! And it all can be won online!

#2 The New Zealand Powerball Rolls Over

In Kiwi land the New Zealand Powerball rolled over to a whopping NZD$23 million since no jackpot winners were crowned. Every Saturday night at 8PM, 6 Lottery numbers and a bonus number are drawn from 40 possible numbers. The Powerball number is drawn from 10 possible numbers. By matching as many numbers as possible – you can win big prizes. 6 numbers + the PB = jackpot gold. Aussie players can play the NZ Powerball online at theLotter. Get your tickets today! The more lotteries you play, the more chances you have of hitting it big.

#3 The South African Powerball Lottery Rolls Over

Fancy some South African Powerball lottery magic? The appeal of the SA Powerball is stronger than ever with the recent Powerball rollover. The winning numbers from the May 27th Draw were 112624314 and Powerball 4. No Division 1 winners were crowned – meaning that nobody claimed the jackpot prize. The rollover for the next draw is R3,634,261 – this is now rollover #7. It’s got to be lucky 7 for an Aussie player – get your SA Powerball tickets at theLotter and win AUD$375,510 in the next draw!

US Powerball Jackpot Spikes to $152 Million

Massive Powerball Jackpot Rollovers!

play US powerball lottery

The current estimated jackpot for the US Powerball lottery is $152 million. The winning numbers from the May 24th draw were 1516284955 and Powerball number 18. There were no Jackpot Winners, and no Match 5 Winners Power Play $2 Million. However, there were 5 Match 5 Winners $1 Million from Florida, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New York, and Pennsylvania. There were some 444,616 winners in the recent draw and the non-jackpot prizes totalled $8,769,490. The upcoming draw is valued at AUD$164.5 million – a life-changing payday for players down under!

Play & Win the US Powerball securely online

The US Powerball is a massive jackpot lottery game that takes place on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10:59PM EST (Thursdays and Sundays 12:59PM AEDT). 5 white balls are drawn from a drum containing 59 balls. A red Powerball is drawn from a drum containing 35 balls. There are 9 ways to win a prize in this bonzer lotto. The jackpot can be hit by matching 5 white balls and the red Powerball. Payments are made over 29 years or in a single cash payment. Lottery tickets can be purchased from our recommended online lottery tickets concierge.

Play the South African Powerball

The SA Powerball lottery draw from Tuesday 14th May 2014 produced 5 Division 2 winners (5 correct numbers) with a total payout of R146, 696 per winner.  Division 3 (4 correct numbers + PowerBall) netted 43 winners of R11, 977 apiece. Division 4 (4 correct numbers) resulted in 682 winners with R287 each. There were an additional 123,000 winners who won between R8 and R270 each.  Now for even more good news: the next estimated jackpot for the SA Powerball lottery is R15 million – that’s AUD$1.56 million waiting to be hit. You can get your SA Powerball lottery tickets right here at theLotter!

Lottery Results from the South African Powerball

South African Powerball lottery Draw Rolls Over to R11 million and Aussies are welcome to get their tickets here!

The latest SA Powerball lottery results are in and there were plenty of division winners. The winning numbers for the South African Powerball Lottery were: 822253437 and Powerball 5. There were no Division 1 winners for the draw, which means that the PB lottery jackpot will rollover to R9, 830,996 for the upcoming Powerball Lottery draw. This is now the 4th rollover and the total prize pool for the draw is R3, 550, 320.  The following division winners were recorded:

  • Division 2 (5 numbers) – 1 winner with a payout of R837,223
  • Division 3 (4 numbers & PowerBall) – 24 winners with payouts of R24,494 each
  • Division 4 (4 numbers without PowerBall) – 552 winners with R405 each
  • Division 5 (3 numbers  & Powerball ) – 1,128 winners with R406 each
  • Division 6 (3 numbers)  – 22,041 winners with a payout of R19 each
  • Division 7 (2 numbers & Powerball) – 15,348 winners with a payout of R18 each
  • Division 8 (1 number & Powerball) – 74,867 winners with R10 paid to each winner

The Powerball draw machine that was used for the draw on Friday 16 May was the Ndyebokazi machine. The next jackpot payday for the Powerball is R11,000,000 (AUD$1,136,000). This massive Powerball jackpot is waiting to be hit by South African lottery players and Aussie lottery players. It’s really easy getting your tickets to the SA Powerball Lottery at TheLotter. Remember: you need a ticket to win it!

Winners Wanted: US Powerball Spikes to $114 Million

The US Powerball is the world’s biggest lottery draw. This jackpot-rich lottery continues to shatter records with winners and massive paydays. The recent draw on May 17th 2014 yielded the following results: 2332394749 and Powerball 22. No jackpot winners were crowned – which is good news since the jackpot has rolled over to a whopping $114 million (AU$121 million). That’s $59.2 million (AU$63.2 million) in cash for the lucky winner. Want to be the one? Hit the flashing Play button below:

play US powerball lottery

Results of the May 17th US Powerball Lottery Draw

The number of winners in the recent draw topped 386,000 and the total non-jackpot payouts made were $2,742,009. Since there were no Match 5 and Powerball Winners – the American Powerball has rolled over to $114 million. That’s a mega AUD$121 million waiting to be won!

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The prize breakdown is as follows:

  • 5 numbers + Powerball = Grand Prize
  • 5 numbers = $1 million
  • 4 numbers + Powerball = $10,000
  • 4 numbers = $100
  • 3 numbers + Powerball = $100
  • 2 numbers + Powerball = $7
  • 1 number + Powerball = $4
  • Powerball = $4

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UK National Lottery Touts the Benefits of Playing the Lottery Online

In what has been considered a ground-breaking development for the lottery industry, the UK National Lottery has indicated that playing the lottery online is the best way to go. This exciting new development means that players can enjoy total comfort and convenience while playing all their favourite lottery games. The first commercial was recently released in the United Kingdom.

Online lottery commercial still photo

A still from the National Lottery’s new advertising campaign, featuring ‘The Guru’. Courtesy of

play US powerball lottery

The Lottery Guru is in Town

The National Lottery campaign has recently been relaunched and it features the Guru – a soothsayer who predicts the future. He does this from the Macgillicuddy’s Reeks mountain range in the delightful County Kerry in picturesque Ireland. The television advertisement is 1 minute long, and it will be showcased during the summer with an extra 5 Ads, as well as a digital version.

These hilarious advertisements are the perfect enticement to play lottery games online. In the first official Ad by the National Lottery campaign, the Guru explains to an impressionable young man why there’s no point for him to know the winning lottery numbers. The reason being: there’s no way that he can get to the store in time to purchase the ticket! The young man in all his eagerness whips out his smartphone and illustrates that he can play the lottery online.

The supposed Guru fumbles for more reasons why he cannot provide the winning numbers.

There’s no denying that something as fun and exciting as the National Lottery should be promoted with a good dollop of humour.

Humour works really well for the Lottery. Our approach is that the Lottery is a good news story, a bit of fun, an entertainment. We need our advertisements to reflect that,” says National Lottery chief executive Dermot Griffin.

Massive Win in the Australian Powerball Lottery

The Australian Powerball is one of the most-anticipated lottery draws. The Australia Powerball draw from 8th May 2014 yielded the following result: 7813212834 and Powerball number 4. The AUD$6 million prize was claimed by 1 lucky winner, but there were scores of winners across multiple prize levels. TheLotter reports the following lucky winners in the 8th May 2014 draw for the Australia Powerball:

  • Match 6 – 5 winners – $44,146
  • Match 5 plus Powerball – 37 winners – $6,241
  • Match 5 – 1,012 winners – $127.50
  • Match 4 plus Powerball – 1,697 winners – $58,05
  • Match 3 plus Powerball – 23,800 winners – $36.10
  • Match 4 – 36,407 winners – $21.15
  • Match 2 plus Powerball – 134,736 – $13.10

The Australia Powerball of May 8th 2014 was draw number 938.

play US powerball lottery

Other Powerball Lottery Draws Around the World

The US Powerball winning numbers for the May 10th 2014 draw were: 431414755 and Powerball 1. The PowerPlay yielded a 2X multiplier. There were no jackpot winners on the 10th May 2014, but there was a Match 5 winner of $1 million from Connecticut. There were some 398,597 winners in the lottery draw, and there was also $3,420,153 in non-jackpot prizes won.

The South African Powerball results from the 9th May draw yielded the following outcome: 22526134 and Powerball 16. There were no Division 1 winners (5 Correct Numbers + Powerball) but there were 2 Division 2 winners (5 Correct Numbers) with payouts of R400, 514 per winner.

The New Zealand Powerball is one of the biggest lottery games in the world. It features prominently at theLotter. The recent Powerball draw on May 10th 2014 yielded the following results: 34592435 + Bonus 13 + Powerball 10. There were 3 Division 1 winners – each with a prize of NZD$333,333 and a total of NZD$3,292,398 in winnings paid out in Draw No: 1405.

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